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What You Should Know About Bebika Dhurve

Bebika Dhurve is a Mumbai model, singer, and social media star. She became famous in the showbiz business after being born in Mumbai in June 1993. Fame came to Bebika when she played Devika Oberoi in Zee’s Bhagya Lakshmi. The show showed how good an actress she was. In the second season of Bigg Boss OTT, bebika dhurve and Avinash Sachdeva took part. Voot, a streaming service, was the first to show this digital version of India’s popular reality show. Bebika attended a nearby high school, but little is known about her education. We are still determining what she did after she finished high school. Bebika Dhurve is well-known in the entertainment industry thanks to her talent, charm, and rising popularity. Her career as a model, actor, and social media star is set to get much better. Most of the followers want to know the age of Bebika Dhurve. Keep reading to know about her.


Her family moved to Mumbai. When she’s working hard, her five sisters have always supported her. Her mother is a homemaker, and bebika dhurve father, Pandit Janardhan Dhurve, is a prominent Mumbai astrologer. Bebika demonstrates her affection for her family on social media. 


In 2019, bebika dhurve made a big splash when she got her first job playing on the TV show Bhagya Lakshmi. Many people gave her praise for how well she played Devika Oberoi. Awards and honors showed how dedicated and talented she was. Being on the second season of the famous reality show Bigg Boss OTT in 2023 was the next big thing in Bebika Dhurve’s path in show business. She quickly became one of the most loved contestants on the show as people got excited about her. Bebika showed her toughness and charm by making it to the show’s end, where she came in third place.  

Bebika Dhurve Husband or Boyfriend 

Are you curious to know, who bebika dhurve husband is? Bebika Dhurve is not married and is single. She is very dedicated to her playing job, so she hasn’t thought about getting married and having kids. The people in her family are critical of her and always back her in her work. Bebika said in an interview with TellyChakkar that she is not hurrying to get married. Her main goal is to focus on her work and reach her goals before she starts the process of having a family. She stressed the importance of finding a partner who understands and supports her work goals and busy schedule. 

Medical Career And Beauty Pageants 

Bebika Dhurve‘s job is unique because she is talented and promising at many things and has worked in many fields. Her first job was as a dentist after getting her Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru, Karnataka. On top of having a background in medicine, Bebika is also a qualified fellow of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry at Roseman University in the US. Putting away her clothes, Bebika chose to try something new in 2020: beauty pageants. Her college teacher pushed her into the world of beauty, which made her decide to do this. She entered The International Glamour Project Miss India pageant, which helped her learn more about new things. 

Bebika Dhurve in Bhagya Lakshmi 

Bebika Dhurve
Bebika Dhurve

The Indian actress bebika dhurve is well-known in the TV business thanks to her part in the famous show “Bhagya Lakshmi.” As the figure “Devika Oberoi,” Dhurve has captivated viewers with her unique screen image. Dhurve plays the “Devika Oberoi” role in the famous Hindi TV show “Bhagya Lakshmi.” In the serial, she showed how good an actress she is by being believable. Many people liked her performance because she could show strong emotions and make her character come to life. In her playing career, the part of “Devika Oberoi” has set a high bar. 

Bebika Dhurve in Bigg Boss OTT 

Do you know in which tv shows with bebika dhurve have worked? Bebika Dhurve made a significant impact as a contestant on Season 2 of the famous reality show Bigg Boss OTT. That made her stand out with her unique style and attitude, and she made it to the finals. She stood out in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house because she was brave and didn’t hold back her views. Bebika Dhurve became well-known on Bigg Boss OTT for her angry rants and fights with other contestants. Even though things were tense, her fans never stopped supporting her. She talked about how she felt about favoritism in the game, especially how other players, like Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani, and Abhishek Malhan, seemed to get special treatment. Her appearance on Bigg Boss brought attention to her fearless nature and strong opinions. 

Interesting Facts 

  • She is very skilled in many areas. She is an astrologer, a dentist, a model, and an actress. 
  • She loves visiting new places, even though she has already visited many countries and areas. 
  • She likes food a lot, especially fish. 
  • She was second at the Miss India 2020 pageant and reached the Top 15. 
  • She feels great about herself and goes to the audition even though she hasn’t done any acting training. 
  • Bebika Dhurve was a dentist while getting her Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in Bengaluru. 
  • One of her college teachers urged her to participate in The International Glamour Project Miss India 2020. 
  • Bebika played Devika Oberoi in the 2021 Zed TV show Bhagya Lakshmi, but she quit because she didn’t get along with the other players. 
  • She was one of the contestants on Voot’s Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 (2023). 
  • Bebika likes to buy gold and diamonds, and she and her father both have expensive jewelry that she bought for them. 
  • She likes pulling jokes and wants one on Bollywood star Salman Khan. 
  • Bebika has a dog because she loves animals. 
  • She would rather watch films and videos than read books. 
  • Bebika loves drawing and gives the money she makes from selling her art to help people with Down syndrome. 


By the end, bebika dhurve has shown herself a complex person with many skills and achievements. Her hard work, determination, and love for what she does have helped her succeed in many areas, inspiring others. Bebika Dhurve is an excellent example of greatness and drive because she keeps working towards her goals and making a difference in her community. Hopefully, you will know who is bebika dhurve.

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