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Technical Guruji: The Ultimate Biography of The Famous Youtuber


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Technical Guruji is the stage name of Indian YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary, who lives in the United Arab Emirates. In Hindi, Chaudhary makes popular YouTube videos about technology. The Technical guruji orGaurav applied to a college in Bikaner to get a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. He moved to Dubai to get a degree in microelectronics at BITS Pilani’s Dubai school. Gaurav Chaudhary is an engineer, channel owner, and business owner. His interest in technology and things has been growing since he was a child. He started learning code when he was young and found YouTube in 2007. Keep reading to know more about the technical guruji.

Personal and Family Life

The Indian artist Gaurav Chaudhary was born on May 7, 1991. He had an elder brother and two sisters as a child. His family firm offered CCTV cameras and other security devices. The Chaudhary family went from Bikaner to Rajasthan’s Ajmer. Gaurav earned his B. Tech. in electronics from “Kendriya Vidyalaya” and “Rajasthan Technical University.” He is one of the best pupils, and he fared well. He then earned an M. Tech in microelectronics from Dubai’s “Birla Institute of Technology & Science.” For doing so well in school, they gave him a gold prize. He has two sisters. One works as a police officer, and the other as a teacher.

A hard time in Gaurav’s life came when his father was in an accident and passed out. His family’s duties fell on him immediately, and he had to start managing his dad’s business. He was good at technology, which helped him learn about the business more quickly. Even though he learned to code in 11th grade, the physical side of things interests him.

The technical guruji lives in Dubai now but sometimes returns to his village in Rajasthan. Gaurav wants to work with other YouTubers because it helps his show get more viewers. He has worked with several YouTubers, such as the fashion artist Sejal Kumar.

Technical Guruji Highlights

NameGaurav Chaudhary
Nick NameTechnical Guruji
Residence AddressAjmer, Rajsthan, India
OccupationYouTuber, Tech blogger
Born7 May 1991 in Ajmer, Rajsthan, India
Email idtechnicalguruji@gmail.com, gaurav@technicalguruji.in
WhatsApp NumberNot Known
Phone NumberNot Known
ChannelsTechnical Guruji, Gaurav Chaudhary

A Career

When Chaudhary started his YouTube account, “Technical Guruji,” in October 2015, he mostly shared tips and product reviews. Sharmaji Technical, his high school senior and account owner, helped him make the videos. To post videos about his personal life, Chaudhary started a second channel 2017 called “Gaurav Chaudhary.”

Technical guruji had the ninth most subscribers of any tech YouTube account in September 2018. According to reports, Chaudhary was the first tech YouTuber to have more than ten million followers in November 2018.

Chaudhary was on YouTube Rewind in both 2018 and 2019; on his YouTube account, Technical Guruji talks about technology, its ideas, and how it works. Some of his most popular YouTube videos are about technology and are in Hindi. His program, technical guruji, has 18.3 million followers, and the number is growing quickly. As fame grew, he started a second account where he posted videos about his life.That number is quickly rising. Gaurav Chaudhary and the Technical Guruji channel had over 27 million followers and around three billion views on the site.

Net Worth of Gourav Chaudhary

Technical Guruji’s YouTube show brings in around 40 to 45 lakhs monthly. He is currently worth about $45 million, about Rs. 356 crores in Indian cash. He also makes a lot of money from the business his family runs. What he owns is getting worth 30% more every year. Google AdSense and business deals bring in most of his money.

He is a qualified security systems engineer with the Dubai Police and sells security gear to the police and other groups. He started his YouTube account, “technical guruji,” on October 18, 2015, after finishing school in Dubai of that name.Guruji, who works in technology, also helps run his family’s grocery and ready-to-eat food businesses run by his older brother Pradeep.

At the moment, Gaurav is living a fancy life in Dubai. He has bought several homes in Dubai, including the one he lives in now, which cost 60 crores. Besides that, he owns a lot of the land in India that belongs to his family.

Technical Guru The YouTube Channel

Gaurav’s technical guruji YouTube account has kept getting bigger and bigger. Chaudhary has so many subscribers and fans because he thinks clearly and is easy for most people to relate to. His videos are also easy to understand and only need a little work. Technical Guruji was the ninth most subscribed tech YouTube account in September 2018.

Technical Guruji
Technical Guruji

According to November 2018 reports, Gaurav was the first tech YouTuber with over 10 million followers. People from all over the world love him. Technical guruji is the most-watched tech YouTube program in India.

His library has about 2,700 videos. Gaurav Choudhary makes an engagement video every Sunday to answer questions from people who follow him on Twitter. He’s excited about what he does and focused, making him better than the people listening. His videos are also easy to watch because they are only one short. There are no second chances; he only talks for five to ten minutes.

Technical Guruji’s Social Media Accounts

Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/technicalguruji
YouTube chanelhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOhHO2ICt0ti9KAh-QHvttQ
Facebook fan pagehttps://www.facebook.com/TechnicalGuruji/
Twitter Handlehttps://twitter.com/TechnicalGuruji


Technical guruji is an Indian man who makes “Technical” videos about video compression and smartphones in Hindi. He makes videos that are both fun and useful. He posts two videos every day. Allknown him, not Unbox Therapy, who has the most subscribers on Tech YouTube.What Gaurav does in his videos is something he wants to turn into writing so that as many people as possible can learn from it. He wants to clear up any confusion and talk about everything. He would like people to think that technology is fun.


What does Technical Guruji stand for?

Gaurav Chaudhary, known as Technical Guruji, is a popular Indian IT YouTuber. Indian smartphone users turn to him for his YouTube channel, media presence, and tech competence.

How did Gaurav Chaudhary get so rich?

Google AdSense and business deals bring in most of his money. Dubai Police-certified security systems engineer supplies security equipment to the police and others. On October 18, 2015, he began ‘Technical Guruji,’ his YouTube channel after graduating from Dubai.

How did Guruji Technical get his money?

His channel method, technical guruji, has 15.8 million fans. Every month, Gaurav makes over a million dollars from his YouTube accounts. Besides YouTube, he also runs a big business in Dubai, which makes him a lot of money. He’s worth $43.86 Million.

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