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Who is Sana Talikoti (Telgi)? The Daughter who Fought Against Her Father’s Unjust Portrayal

With her lawsuit against the producers of the series “Scam 2003,” the name “Sana Talikoti” unexpectedly appeared in Indian media towards the end of 2022. How did sana talikoti (Telgi) come to pursue such a daring legal action, and who is she anyway? This narrative reveals exciting details of Telgi’s contentious legacy and his daughter’s efforts to protect her family’s honor. 

Who is Sana Talikoti (Telgi)?

Famous Indian con artist sana talikoti abdul karim telgi daughter, is well-known for her role in the 1990s enormous phony stamp paper scam. Unlike her very ostentatious father, Sana has preferred to remain out of the spotlight. 

Late in 2022, Sana made news around the country when she sued the producers of the documentary series “Scam 2003,” which chronicles her father’s life. She said that the show violates their right to privacy and unfairly presents him in a negative light without their permission. 

Sana’s Family Members

Sana Talikoti was born in Mumbai, India, in 1988. Sana talikoti age is 36 in 2024. Dark hair and damaged eyes are hallmarks of Sana Talikoti’s Indian identity. She is 60 kg and stands at 5’3″. After the 2003 stamp paper scandal, Indian forger Abdul Karim Telgi was jailed. His daughter, Sana Talikoti, is his grandchild. 

When Sana filed a claim against chairman Hansal Mehta in December 2022, she made headlines for allegedly basing a TV series on a 2003 hoax that included her family—specifically, her dad. A Muslim family raised sana talikoti. Susana Telgi is her given name. The businessman Irfan Talikoti was her husband. Arman is the name of her son from her two children. On October 23, 2017, her father, Abdul Karim Telgi Forger, died of multiple organ failure. The long illness that her mum, Homemaker, suffered from in 2022 finally took her life in 2022. 

Sana’s  Career

While it’s no surprise that Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter Sana is filthy rich and has inherited everything from her father, the story doesn’t end there because the government also received fines equal to a large portion of the family’s wealth for national development projects. 

Moreover, Sana is married to a highly successful financial manager. He attended Barakhamba Street, Karnataka Chetan Private School. He is now a student at the College of Chetan Business School, where he earned an MBA with concentrations in marketing, human resource management, and business administration. 

The 23-year-old attended the College of Nehru BBA and BCA College Hubli for her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Marketing. Still, we do not have any reliable information regarding Sana Talikoti’s net worth, estimated at 29,46,2926 Indian Rupees. The motorcycles, gold, and cars sana talikoti owns are of the highest quality. 

Schooling and Sana’s Academic Background 

Shee studied at the College of Cheetan Business School. She earned an MBA with concentrations in human resource management and marketing after attending Karnataka Chetan Private School on Barakhamba Street in India. At the College of Nehru BBA and BCA College Hubli, the 23-year-old earned a Bachelor of Business Administrator degree with a concentration in marketing. 

A Life Shaped by the Transgressions of Her Father 

Sana Talikoti’s father, Abdul Karim Telgi, engineered the 1990s stamp paper hoax, which defined her. Telgi’s family’s life was thrown into upheaval in 2001 when he was arrested. 

The devastating revelation of her father’s criminality consumed sana talikoti throughout her early years. The shame of being linked to one of India’s most infamous con artists followed Telgi’s family as he was convicted in many cases and handed sentences equal to decades in prison. 

While serving his sentence in a Bengaluru jail, Telgi passed away in 2017. However, the controversy surrounding Telgi persisted long after his passing. 

Critiquing the Popular Culture Depiction of Her Father 

Many media have taken inspiration from Telgi’s captivating tale throughout the years. Sana Telgi acted swiftly in 2022 in response to the announcement by Applause Entertainment of a new series, “Scam 2003,” based on her father’s life. 

Based on an inaccurate book, sana talikoti sued the show’s producers, claiming the program would unfairly depict her father and violate the family’s privacy. She insisted that her father had donated to underappreciated charities. 

They said Telgi’s story was already out there, and the creators defended their freedom to express themselves creatively. The Mumbai Sessions Court ultimately denied Sana’s request. The 2023 January SonyLIV premiere of “Scam 2003” was well-received by viewers but also received some backlash for sensationalizing Telgi’s life. 

A Life Outside of the Stars 

Unlike her ostentatious and flamboyant father, sana talikoti has chosen to fade into oblivion. Little is known about her private life because she keeps a low profile. 

They have a son, Arman, and Sana is married to Irfan Talikoti, a businessman. She and her family still call Mumbai home. Except for her time in court fighting an unfair picture of her father, Sana has stayed out of the spotlight. 

The Unanswered Questions Regarding Telgi’s Legacies 

Ironically, a court acquitted Abdul Karim Telgi in 2018, a year after he died, alleging a lack of evidence, notwithstanding his conviction for the stamp paper scam. 

The belief that Telgi may avoid punishment for his crimes by using his power and connections has spread. According to critics, the network run by Telgi was allegedly unfettered for years due to political and law enforcement conspiracy. 

 So, should Telgi be remembered forever as a criminal kingpin, or was he a victim of the systemic corruption that made his schemes possible? How his daughter Sana stands up for him suggests she thinks he was depicted unfairly. However, the public’s perception of Telgi’s legacy must be more precise. 

Net Worth

Sana Irfan Talikoti lives lavishly thanks to her father’s $3.8 billion fortune. In 2022–2023, sana talikoti net worth was assessed at two crore 94 lakh sixty-two thousand and nine hundred and twenty-six rupees. 

Sana Irfan Talikoti Assets

Sana Irfan Talikoti owns three lakh rupees in cash, ten lakh rupees in the bank, fourteen lakh rupees in cars, and one crore thirty-eight lakh in jewelry. 

Her non-farming land is worth 45 lakh rupees, while her house is worth 70 lakh. 

Social Media

People need to learn about Sana Irfan Talikoti’s accounts on various social media sites because she doesn’t utilize any of them. 

She has been absent from many social media sites, including sana talikoti instagram, Facebook, X, and Snapchat. 


The daughter of Abdul Karim Telgi, Sana Irfan Talikoti, has been discussed in this article. We have covered most aspects of her life, including her upbringing, family history, current situation, and rise to fame. We did our best to include every aspect of her life in this piece. 

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