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PranjalDahiya: A new music sensation from Haryana

PranjalDahiya’s sincere singing and diverse voice are helping her fast rise to fame in the Indian music industry. Her poetry performances have enthralled audiences all across the world. She is originally from Haryana, India. Pranjal rose to fame in 2019. It happened after appearing on “The Voice India.” Her extraordinary talent enthralled both the judges and the audience. It happened throughout her time on the competition. Pranjal’s rich, passionate voice perfectly reflects the spirit of the original artist in every song she performs.

She can sing a variety of genres of music with ease, including folk tunes, lively songs, and love ballads. Her vocal range is broad. Her tracks have received appreciation from music enthusiasts worldwide. Jer videos have amassed millions of views on social media. PranjalDahiya is securing her place as a future superstar vocalist in the Indian music industry. Her captivating singing voice and extraordinary talent are causing her to gain some notoriety. She has recently appeared in Pidha, DJ PeMatkungi, 7 Janam, and other music videos. Do not hesitate to contact to discuss engaging PranjalDahiya for any upcoming event. It can be it a live concert. It can be it a college show. It can be it a wedding. It can be it a business function. It can be it a charity gala.OrIt can be it any other kind of event. Read pranjaldahiya biography below.

Full details

According to PranjalDahiya, he too goes as RanjitBawa. Prior to entering the business sector, PranjalDahiya was a TikTok video creator. Lately, SapnaChowdhary has been compared to the actress who rose to fame with the song “52 GajKa Daman” by people. PranjalDahiya’s videos have made her the state’s most popular person in Haryana. It happened With 45 crore views in just three months.pranjaldahiya heightis 5’9”.


Pranjaldahiya age is 26 years. Her birthplace is Faridabad in Haryana. Her birth date is 5thMay, 1996. She belongs to a Hindu family.


Seema and ShashiDahiya are the parents of PranjalDahiya. PranjalDahiya is a well-known person. She belongsto the entertainment industry. Pranjal has two brothers. They are Rahul Dahiya. He is younger brother.Another one is SushantDahiya. He is elder brother. NehaDahiya is the name of their elder sister.


PranjalDahiya attended a private school in Faridabad for her formal schooling. There are rumors that the actress is currently balancing her Bachelor of Arts degree program, singing, and modeling.


Before TikTok was blocked in India, a career PranjalDahiya used the platform to display her skills. The young, driven singer has collected a record collection of number-one hits very rapidly.

She already had millions of fans before TikTok launched in India. Her loyal fans were enthralled by her captivating voice. PranjalDahiya is well-known for her musical endeavors. But she also occasionally likes to play the lead in movies. In this movies she has delivered remarkable performances. She also works as a model.

PranjalDahiya began her musical career on TikTok. Here she gained a large following. She appeared in her debut music video, for a song, in the AkkiKalyan video.

Net worth

PranjalDahiyacharges50,000 to 60,000 rupees for a song. She makes 5-6 lakh rupees per month. PranjalDahiya net worthis two crores rupees.

Social media

PranjalDahiyais available in a well-known social media platforms. It includes Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She shares videos and self-portraits on Instagramregularly. It is to her following of over three million people. She keeps provide them with updates on her life.

Relationship status

PranjalDahiya maintains details about her personal life despite being a well-known person. PranjalDahiya relationshipsare very confidential.

She hasn’t mentioned whether or not she has been married. Furthermore, she hasn’t yet displayed her lover or companion in public.

Hit Song 52 GajKa Daman by PranjalDahiya

“52 GajKa Daman” by PranjalDahiya has become one of her most well-known singles as of late. This Haryanvi song also features AmanJaji and PranjalDahiya, in addition to RenukaPanwar. AmanJaji is also the composer of the soundtrack.

On October 1, 2020, the Desi Records channel made its YouTube debut with the music video for this song. As of January 11, 2021, more than 377 million people had viewed the film 52 GajKa Daman.

Fresh Tracks from PranjalDahiya

The Gulabi Queen, PranjalDahiya, began her career creating viral videos and advertisements for TikTok. Later on, she received an offer to feature in the AkkiKalyan music video. The first song released by PranjalDahiya was titled “DilliWaliChhori.” This Haryanvi song was quite successful.

Payments forPranjalDahiya for any function.

PranjalDahiya costs based on a variety of parameters, including the type of event and the nature of the deliverables. As soon as you get the inquiry form, you will know the most recent quote by text message or email. All of the tariffs, including the show fees, will be included in this quote. Please be considerate enough to send a minimum of 48 hours’ notice if PranjalDahiya takes longer than expected to respond. Please only provide with your information if you hear back right away from a member of the team or a partner booking agency.

Is it possible to reserve PranjalDahiya for a party?

You can find featured exceptional and driven people from all around the world online.There you can find representation of a wide range of disciplines. Itincludes acting, dance, music, sports, and many more. All you need to do is click “Book” and then complete the form online. You will receive an email following the submission of the proposal. You can getPranjalDahiya’s availability, quote, and comprehensive pricing list. The performance contract must be reviewed next, and in order to complete the booking, an advance payment is needed. Working with the team of professionals will enable you to secure PranjalDahiya and guarantee the success of your event.

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