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What You Need To Know About Famous Khushali Kumar

Everyone is interested in khushali kumar‘s life story. Most of the people who are interested in her personal life details. She has been, for a long time, a “star.” As we know, she is one of the well-known persons in Bollywood. Have you ever heard about khushali kumar relationships? Let’s find out what’s unique and essential about her. 

Family and birth

Are you interested to know what khushali kumar age is? She was born on December 19, 1988, in Mumbai. Her family is from Punjab, and they are Hindu. Do you know who khushali kumar parents are? Ganesh Kumar Dua and Sudesh Kumari Dua are her parents. Two of her siblings are named Tulsi Kumar Dua and Bhushan Kumar Dua. Most people want to know khushali kumar husband name.


Khushali Kumar‘s first music video was for the song “Mainu Ishq Da,” which came out in 2015. Her sister Tulsi Kumar sang a “Mere Papa” music video for Gulshan Kumar the following year. She was in the video. She was in a 2017 video song with Tulsi Kumar called “Highway Star.” In 2021, Tusli Kumar and Jubin Nautiyal sang the song “Pehle Pyaar Ka Pehla Gham” in a music video with Parth Samthaan. Khushali’s first movie was the award-winning short crime movie Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar, where she played a reporter. She gave the best performance as a Hindi news reporter who has to make the death of a celebrity seem shocking. She will play a lawyer in the movie Dahi Cheeni with R. Madhavan. 

Some facts about Khushali Kumar that not many people know 

  • Khushali is the daughter of Gulshan Kumar, who started T-Series. 
  • She completed her schooling at G.D. Goenka Public School and Delhi Arya Vidya Mandir in Mumbai.
  • She graduated from NIFT, Delhi, with a degree in fashion design. After that, she made clothes that famous singers like Shakira, Leann Rimes (two Grammy Awards), Jenna Dewan Tatum, Melanie C, Carmen Electra, and others wore. She also did the art for the music video for “Wait For a Minute” by Justin Bieber. 
  • Khushali showed off her Swimsummer 2015 line at Paris Fashion Week. She also has a store in Paris called Reve on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. 
  • Have you ever seen khushali kumar movies? Kumar will be making her acting start in the movie Dahi Cheeni, which stars R. Madhavan. She will play a lawyer in the film.  
  • Khushali’s first role was in a music video where her sister Tulsi Kumar sang about their late father, Gulshan Kumar. You can learn more from khushali kumar instagram.
  • There were a few short films that Kumar was in in 2018. One of them, Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar, was chosen to be shown in advance at the Life of Film Maker’s Session, Pinewood Studio’s UK, and the 9th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, where it won the Honourable Jury Mention Award. 
  • She started her career in the Bollywood song video Mainu Ishq Da in 2015. Since then, she has been in hit songs like Highway Star, Raat Kamaal Hai, Mere Papa, and Ik Yaad Purani. 
  • In April 2017, she was in the “Mera Highway” pop song with Raftaar and her sister Tulsi Kumar. 

Making it in Bollywood and music videos 

She started her career in the entertainment business with the Bollywood song video “Mainu Ishq Da” in 2015. This was the start of a great job in music videos. With roles in hit songs like “Highway Star,” “Raat Kamaal Hai,” “Mere Papa,” and “Ik Yaad Purani,” she solidified her place in the business even more. Her charm and skill wowed audiences. 

Debut as an actor and praise 

Khushali Kumar doesn’t like to stay in one area, so she’s about to make a name for herself in Bollywood with her first movie, “Dahi Cheeni,” which stars R. Madhavan. The part she plays in this movie is a lawyer, which will show off her acting skills and add to her wide range of skills. 

Notable Achievements 

Many important things have happened in Khushali Kumar’s life; she is well-known in the entertainment business. Reviews of her work in short films like “Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar” have been very positive. The movie has won awards at essential film festivals like the Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival and the Druk International Film Festival. For her role in “Jeena Mushkil Hai Yaar,” she won the Critic’s Choice Award, which shows her talent and dedication. This indicates that she has a bright future in movies. 

Personal Life and Family 

Even though khushali kumar is busy and becoming a giant star, she stays grounded and values her family and roots. Her siblings, Bhushan Kumar and Tulsi Kumar, are well-known in the music business and very close to her. Her upbringing in a creative and loving setting has made her the dynamic and bright person she is now. Khushali Kumar’s preparation for the part where she can handle anything. 

One of the most loved and respected actors in Hindi films is khushali kumar. Her beautiful photo shoots and public performances have won fans’ hearts and attention. You can see the famous actress for the first time in “Dhokha: Round D Corner.” She will soon be in the romance thriller movie “Starfish.”The video for the movie looked excellent, and Khushali Kumar, Ehan Bhat, Tusharr Khanna, and Milind Soman all did great jobs. 

Before, the actress talked to Tellychakkar about how she would go in and out of character and cry in the middle of the night. Khushali has already talked about how she took on the task and learned how to scuba dive. Now, we have a video that shows how hard it was for the actress to prepare for her part. 


In conclusion, Khushali Kumar‘s rise from a skilled fashion designer to a potential Bollywood actress shows how hard work, love, and imagination can pay off. Because of her natural ability, hard work, and drive, she will make a lasting effect on Indian entertainment, inspiring other artists and winning admiration from people worldwide. Keep an eye on this growing star because she still shines brightly in movies and fashion. Hopefully, her fan followers will want to know khushali kumar net worth. 

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