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Elite Prospects: A 2023 Year in Review

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As we bid farewell to 2022, it’s only fitting to reflect on the digital fervor within the hockey community, particularly on platforms like Elite Prospects and EP Rinkside. The data reveals an intriguing narrative of player popularity, and at the forefront of this virtual hockey kingdom stands none other than Connor Bedard.

Connor Bedard: A Digital Dynamo

In the digital realm of Elite Prospects, it seems that Connor Bedard’s influence transcends the boundaries of the physical hockey world. The statistics tell a compelling tale – Bedard nearly accounted for a million individual page views on Elite Prospects, making him the undisputed king of the platform. A remarkable feat, considering the vast array of hockey talent available for exploration.

The Top 20 Most Viewed Players Globally

Let’s delve into the fascinating landscape of the top 20 most viewed player profiles

worldwide on Elite Prospects throughout the calendar year of 2022. These

insights provide a snapshot of the players who captured the imagination of

fans, analysts, and enthusiasts alike.

1. Connor Bedard (888,512 views)

As the likely No. 1 pick and the most sought-after player globally, Bedard’s page

witnessed an astronomical surge, especially during the World Juniors, garnering

nearly 300,000 more views than any other player.

2. Juraj Slafkovský (602,541 views)

The No. 1 pick in the 2022 NHL Draft, now donning the Montreal Canadiens jersey,

Slafkovsky’s unexpected rise to prominence secured him a solid second place in

the rankings.

3. Shane Wright (498,869 views)

A subject of over 500,000 debates and discussions, Wright’s journey was as much a

story as his potential as the No. 1 pick. The constant buzz around his choices,

whether to play in the NHL or CHL, added to the intrigue.

4. Connor McDavid (406,905 views)

Undoubtedly the best player in the world, McDavid’s position as the second-most viewed

player on Elite Prospects is a testament to the platform’s diverse interests.

5. Logan Cooley (287,562 views)

The No. 3 pick in the 2022 Draft, Cooley’s relatively low-key profile hasn’t hindered

his popularity, particularly with notable performances at the University of


6. Cale Makar (245,584 views)

Regarded as the best defenseman globally, Makar’s popularity soared, securing him a top

spot on Elite Prospects and adding another accolade to his impressive 2022


7. Adam Fantilli (226,345 views)

The likely No. 2 pick in the 2023 NHL Draft, Fantilli’s exciting play at the

University of Michigan contributed to his rising popularity on the platform.

8. Alexander Ovechkin (225,568 views)

A living legend, Ovechkin continues to draw attention, with fans eagerly

following his journey toward becoming the NHL’s all-time leading goal-scorer.

9. Michael Misa (205,644 views)

Despite being draft-eligible in 2025, Misa’s exceptional status in the OHL propelled him into the elite ranks of Elite Prospects views.

10. Simon Nemec (197,679 views)

The No. 2 pick in the 2022 NHL Draft, Nemec’s leadership at the World Junior

Championship and promising AHL start ensured his place among the most viewed.

The list continues with equally intriguing players rounding out the top 20. Notably, Matvei Michkov, Brad Lambert, Mason McTavish, Matthew Savoie, Arber Xhekaj, Auston Matthews, Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky, Jonathan Lekkerimäki, and Marco Kasper, each adding their unique flair to the vibrant world of Elite Prospects.

Beyond the Top 20: Bonus Insights

In addition to the global rankings, each country had its own set of top-viewed players, creating a diverse tapestry of hockey enthusiasm across the digital landscape. The worldwide hockey community found itself captivated by players from various corners of the globe, each contributing to the ever-evolving narrative of the sport.

Conclusion: A Digital Hockey Odyssey

As wenavigate through the digital age, platforms like Elite Prospects become the epicenter of hockey discourse. The individual page views encapsulate the collective passion and curiosity of fans, creating a dynamic space where the virtual and real-world seamlessly intertwine. The year 2023 promises more exciting hockey stories, and Elite Prospects will undoubtedly be the digital arena where fans come together to celebrate the sport they love.


 Q: Why did Connor Bedard dominate the Elite Prospects views in 2022?

A: Bedard’s exceptional talent and potential No. 1 pick status, coupled with a World Juniors boost, made his profile the most sought-after on Elite Prospects.

 Q: Who is Juraj Slafkovský, and why was he the second most viewed player?

A: Slafkovský, the 2022 NHL Draft’s top pick playing for the Montreal Canadiens, intrigued fans with his unexpected rise, securing the second-highest views globally.

 Q: What made Shane Wright’s profile so popular on Elite Prospects?

A: Wright’s dynamic narrative, from debates about his draft position to decisions on playing in the NHL or CHL, contributed to his widespread popularity.

 Q: Why did players like Logan Cooley and Adam Fantilli attract significant attention?

A: Cooley’s impressive performances at the University of Minnesota and Fantilli’s exciting play at the University of Michigan elevated their profiles, sparking fan interest.

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