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Calantha Wollny: Navigating Family Drama and the Mystery of Cataleya

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Since the beginning of 2020, fans have been captivated by the unfolding drama surrounding Calantha Wollny, a member of the famous Wollny family. From disputes within the family to the mysterious disappearance of the young mother, Calantha’s story has been a rollercoaster. Let’s delve into the details of Calantha’s journey, the controversies, and the enigma surrounding her daughter, Cataleya.

The Custody Battle Over Cataleya Wollny 

The saga began with intense accusations from Calantha Wollny against her mother, Silvia Wollny. The mother of multiple children allegedly reported her own daughter to the youth welfare office, as revealed by Calantha in February 2020. Calantha shared on Instagram, “Mom found out that I want to move out. I had talked to her about it a few months ago. And then she said she would inform the youth welfare office. (…) Last week, Mom informed the youth welfare office,” shedding light on the family’s internal struggles.

According to Calantha, Silvia believed she couldn’t properly care for Cataleya, citing concerns about cleanliness and the ability to adequately provide for the child. Despite these accusations, Calantha vowed to fight for custody, declaring, “I will fight to have my child back. I won’t let them take her away from me.” As of August 2022, Cataleya continues to live with Silvia Wollny and her partner Harald Elsenbast, even accompanying them on a “trial emigration” to Turkey.

Calantha Wollny’s Allegations Against Silvia

In the aftermath of the custody dispute, Calantha took to Instagram to express her grievances against her mother, Silvia. In a detailed statement, she claimed that Silvia did not take her seriously and that she received no support from her family. Calantha’s words hinted at a strained relationship, stating, “My mother is not a perfect person – quite the opposite! On TV, she shows that she is a loving mother who always understands her children. 

Calantha Wollny

These are the words I would wish for how she presents herself to the world. As soon as I express my wishes or dreams, I am shouted at.” According to Calantha, Silvia’s role on the reality show “Die Wollnys – Eine schrecklich große Familie” is just a performance, a bold accusation.

After this public airing of grievances, a period of calm returned to the Wollny household, but the scars of the family drama remained.

Unveiling Cataleya Wollny’s Father

 Unlike the fathers of other Wollny family members, Cataleya’s father has remained unseen on TV. Mason, Calantha’s fiancé and Cataleya’s father, has deliberately avoided the public eye. A native Russian, Mason and Calantha have been a couple since 2015, maintaining an on-and-off relationship. While other fathers of the Wollny siblings are part of the reality show, Mason has chosen to stay behind the scenes, preserving his privacy.

Calantha Wollny’s Retreat from Instagram: 

Calantha’s Instagram activity has raised concerns among fans, with noticeable changes in her behavior on social media. Her frequency of posts significantly decreased, and she frequently took breaks from the platform. During this period, her photos attracted comments pointing out her apparent sadness. Images showed a seemingly despondent Calantha, often taking selfies from the same perspective. Short videos featured her looking into the camera with teary eyes, adding to the worry. Fans noticed the absence of Cataleya from Calantha’s posts, raising questions about their relationship.

These changes led to confusion among followers, speculating about Calantha’s possible departure from the TV show. The continued visibility of Cataleya on TV without her mother fueled suspicions that Calantha might have moved out without her.


As the saga of Calantha Wollny continues, the unresolved mysteries surrounding her life and family dynamics keep fans intrigued. From custody battles to public allegations, Calantha’s story is a compelling narrative within the larger Wollny family drama. As viewers and followers await further developments, one thing remains certain – the Wollnys are no strangers to controversy, and Calantha’s journey is a testament to the complexities that come with both fame and family ties.

FAQs about Calantha Wollny

What sparked the custody battle between Calantha Wollny and her mother, Silvia?

The custody battle began when Calantha claimed her mother reported her to the youth welfare office after learning about her desire to move out, alleging concerns about her ability to care for her daughter, Cataleya.

Why did Calantha express grievances against Silvia on Instagram?

Calantha accused Silvia of not taking her seriously and lacking support from the family when she expressed her wishes or dreams, asserting that Silvia’s portrayal on TV is a performance.

Who is Cataleya Wollny’s father, and why is he not seen on TV?

Cataleya’s father is Mason, Calantha’s fiancé, a native Russian who prefers to keep a low profile and has chosen not to appear on the reality show.

What changes in Calantha’s Instagram behavior raised concerns among fans?

Calantha’s decreased activity, frequent breaks, and posts featuring a seemingly despondent demeanor, along with the absence of Cataleya from her photos, led to concerns about her well-being.

How did Calantha’s allegations impact the dynamics within the Wollny family?

Calantha’s public grievances against Silvia created a period of tension within the family, but eventually, calm returned, leaving unresolved questions about the complex relationships within the Wollny household.

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